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Zone 7, Region 2, Coach Lona Boyd.

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Boarding / Training

LLBoyd Equestrian in Tyler, Texas has a 120 foot by 180 foot lighted outdoor horse arena with a sand and clay mix footing. There is an automatic sprinkler system around the large horse arena for dust control and upkeep of the good footing. This horse arena is harrowed on a regular basis to maintain the footing for your horse.

The large horse barn features a tack room, grooming stall and a wash rack for your convenience so that you can care for your horse before and after training sessions.

We offer horse boarding service that includes setting up farrier appointments every 5-6 weeks and annual coggins and equine vaccinations. Owners are responsible for the payment of these services. Transportation to the veterinarian in case of emergency is available if veterinarian is not able to make a farm call. The horse owner will be responsible for the cost of transportation plus a nominal fee for time spent with your horse at the veterinarian’s office.

Worming of all horses on the grounds will be performed on a three month rotation schedule. Horse owners will be billed for the type of dewormer used.

All boarders are required to have at least one lesson per week at our Tyler/Lindale, TX location or have your horse in full training.

LLBoyd Equestrian of Tyler, Texas offers both full care stall boarding and full care paddock/pasture boarding to suit your horse’s needs.

Full Stable Horse Boarding in Tyler, Texas: Features 12 foot by 12 foot horse stalls with interlocking mats plus fans in the warmer weather and blanketing in the Winter. (Horse owner provides blankets) All horses are turned out during the day in the Winter months and at night during the Summer months, either by themselves or with a buddy - depending on individual horse needs. Fly control is included! East Texas is full of flies and we want your horse to be safe and comfortable while boarding with us.

All boarded horses are fed Premium Nutrena Feed twice daily, according to their level of exercise and body weight. Supplements are supplied by the horse owner if desired. We are located in Tyler, Texas near the Hideaway - Lindale Texas area, which makes for easy access from I-20, State Highway 110, and Toll Road 49.

Come tour our friendly equestrian center in the Tyler/Lindale area today.

When a horse is boarded at our facility in Tyler, fertilized high-quality Coastal Bermuda hay is fed twice daily to each horse, according to your equine's individual weight and needs.

All of our horse stalls are cleaned twice daily and bedded with quality shavings for maximum comfort of each animal. Fresh, clean water is provided at all times to all the horses.

Paddock/Pasture Boarding in Tyler, Texas: Horses are housed in individual or semi-private paddocks/pastures depending on the individual horse’s attitude and needs. Daily care includes Premium Nutrena feed twice daily and high-quality, fertilized Coastal Bermuda hay fed twice daily. Clean, fresh water is always available to our boarded horses.

Blanketing and Fly Control are available. Blankets and fly protection are to be provided by the horse owner.   If  you want your mare, gelding, or pony to have supplements, we will be happy to give it to them but it must be supplied by horse owner.

Full Stable Horse Boarding - Tyler/Lindale, TX: $685 per month = including four ridding lessons per month. .

Paddock/Pasture Boarding - Tyler/Lindale, TX: $525 per month = including four horse ridding lessons per month.

Professional training by a certified trainer is available for your horse or pony. Full training is $500 per month.

Horse training rides per session, in Tyler/Lindale, TX are $25 per ride as long as you have at least one lesson during the week.

We are convenietnly located in Tyler/ Lindale, TX and commonly board horses from Canton, Lindale, Flint, and other East Texas towns.